Lightroom 02Hero Training Series

Are you new to Lightroom? Or perhaps you’ve been using it a while but don’t understand it? Well this is the video series is just what you’re looking for! We teach about what Lightroom is, file organization, importing, library management, keywording, collections, metadata, the develop module, the develop module adjustment tools, exporting, backup and more! There’s over 4.5 hours of content and we still have a few videos to go! And guess what?…. It’s all available on our Youtube channel for free!

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  1. Hi Mark;

    I just happened upon your website here by fluke; but I have to say I am sure glad I did as I am trying to learn about this Adobe stuff.

    I am an old Film Photographer who shot Pro. for almost 25years till a I was hit by a Drunk Driver that damaged my spine, so I had to retire from the business just as this digital world came about.

    Well my wife to be found out I shot Pro at one time & asked me to teach her, so here I was with not even a camera anymore & my Lady wanting to learn.

    So after some long consideration I now have a full Studio again & looking forward to getting back in the business, as she has given me my Passion back.

    My big problem though is I am an old School Photographer & I’m still trying to do everything in the Camera, as I have no idea about this Computer processing. I am used to the darkroom or having a Lab to deal with, telling them what I wanted.

    So I am so glad to have found this site of yours so at least I can learn how to turn on Lightroom & where to start!!

    Mark I also have to say that you need to be commended here as you are making this information available to people like me & not asking for payment in return to show someone something, which in this day & age seems to be hard to find anymore.

    I look forward to seeing more of your items.

    Best Regards

  2. Dear Mark
    I stumbled on your site and this is one of those stumbles that I am really thankful for. Thank you so very much for the great work you are putting in. I shall be eagerly waiting for more.

    Sincere regards


  3. I just saw your intorduction to Lightroom. I’m so happy to see that you’ve done this. I have LR4, but know nothing about how to use LR as a way of managing my photos. I look forward to seeing more.

  4. Mark I want to add my thanks to those above. Like them I also stumbled upon your work entirely by accident. I have been using Lightroom for about 2 years now and know a little bit about it, but I’m always trying to learn more. I really love your approach and look forward to following your work. Thanks for making this valuable work available to us all.

  5. Mark! What a fortuitous day when I found your wonderful tutorials! Thank you so much, you explain everything so beautifully and in plain english. Great work, please keep it up.

  6. Hello Mark. Thank you for publishing a Video on working with Lightroom4 and Raw Files. As I have been working with jpeg files only in the past, I decided a couple of days ago to switch to shooting RAW for at least the next 6 months. Wouldn’t you know it?! Up-pops your video on YouTube. Again Thank You Mark, and I’ll be reading and watching!

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