Pushing the limits of your RAW files

Raw files have a much greater dynamic range than what jpeg’s can offer. It’s possible to pull down highlights and/or push up your exposure to bring out details that you may not have known was there. In this video we show you how we pushed the limits of a RAW file to completely transform the […]

Using the Gear That You’ve Got

Many of us in photography have gear envy, thinking that we need the most expensive gear in order to take a great shot. However, great photographs can be taken with the most inexpensive gear. If you learn to use the gear that you’ve currently got and understand it’s limitations you can take some fabulous shots. […]

Never Fly Without Your Passport

Over the years I have become not so much a pixel peeper but color calibration creeper.  Trying to get accurate color as you saw it can be a nightmare in itself. I’m sure you’ve heard about calibrating your monitor and printer. These are very important when it comes to getting that perfect color but color […]

Friday Night Lights in Vegas

At Thanksgiving in November 2011, my wife, Marcy, and I decided to skip the traditional turkey dinner and spent the week in Vegas with my sister, her mother and father.  We had a great time eating, walking, catching a couple of shows, walking, eating more, and walking.  Did I mention we walked a lot?  My […]

Lightroom 02Hero Training Series

Are you new to Lightroom? Or perhaps you’ve been using it a while but don’t understand it? Well this is the video series is just what you’re looking for! We teach about what Lightroom is, file organization, importing, library management, keywording, collections, metadata, the develop module, the develop module adjustment tools, exporting, backup and more! […]